Thursday, June 9, 2011

Already... but not yet!

So I'm setting out to regularly update you on the rambling adventures of life with a "soon to be here" new baby. As I write this I'm sitting with one leg propped up on our coffee table (which I've obsessively dusted as the nesting phase kicks into the highest possible gear). It's huge and swollen as is my baby belly. We're waiting for her with the same eagerness that we had as we waited for our wedding day. It wasn't so much the wedding we were striving for but the actual marriage. What would it be like to be an "us" forever? A little over a year later, that "us" would change dramatically. We found out I was pregnant on October 1st. We'd scheduled a weekend marriage conference and were heading to Greensboro to get all we could out of this conference about loving, honoring and esteeming one another. As we sat through the meetings talking about marriage all we heard was our minds screaming at each other, "We're having a baby. The test was positive." Actually I heard, "I should go get another test, the last three said positive, but it could be wrong." (I was a little anxious if you can't tell). It was a great weekend where just the two of us were in on this secret. We'd talked about what our kids would be like from the first month we dated and now it was a reality.
We were amazed by God's goodness to us. We found out our baby was a girl in January!! And on that day we named her Celia Joy. So now... after months of preparing and planning and growing (by the ladies in our family) we arrive at 40 weeks and 2 days!! I can't wait to see her face, to watch her see her Daddy for the first time, to touch her soft skin and to completely fall in love with her. So we covet your prayers for us as we trust the Lord's timing. He knows her birthday, after all! He's planned her life! Pray that I can have her without being induced. I know that she'll be here next week at the latest.
As I wait I've tried to do something special each day to pass the time away. Today Bobby took me to breakfast at The Food Factory in Cary. I had two breakfasts of an omelette and yummy french toast, plus fresh fruit. ( Gratuitous Eating for two= trying to coax her out by totally stuffing her to the brim). Thats a huge benefit of being pregnant in the summer time... road side stands full of veggies. Tomorrow we go back to the doctor and I'll be put on the monitor to check on Celia. We'll schedule an induction for next week and then hope, pray and wish that I go on my own before then!! So until then I've been watching an extreme amount of Golden Girls and cleaning everything in sight. Life is good. I'm trying to creatively balance my computer on my lap (which is completely taken up by my baby) She's already here, but just not yet... we'll let you know when our hope becomes a reality. Until then Dorothy, Rose and Blanche get my undivided attention. It'll likely be one of the last times my attention will truly be undivided. Bobby likes the show too, don't know if he'd admit it or not. (I just did it for him!!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random one.

So tonight I'm being completely spastic. We are watching the UNC game...against Duke and I swanny If they don't win I'm going to just flip a lid! (Not really I'm just imagining what it would be like to feel that passionate about it). I do want them to win though. I must say however, I'm more than a tad disappointed by Roy's 'tude these days. I guess I understand it, but my image of him is taking a hit.

What about "In Roy We Trust?" UNC fans? I mean, sports (from my tenderhearted perspective) just don't make sense s
ometimes. All you folks who jumped on the big band wagon when we were the national champions and have suddenly very vocally jumped ship in light of recent losses (I realize I just said wagon and ship in the same metaphor) just don't make sense. Once you're're in. People should take care of their own back yards and let Roy handle his (Bobby would insert a smart remark right about now). I realize I'm on metaphor overload. Sorry. That's all I will probably ever say about that.

I'm writing a novel. Pray. I want to finish it and tonight I started thinking about how I'm 25 (well almost) and I started the thing at 21. Oh dear! So I peppered Bobby with questions about my writing ability:
Me:"Do you think I'm a writer?"
Bobby: "Yes baby. Of course I do."
Me: "Well what if I never get published?"
Bobby: "You have to try."
Me: whiny, dramatic sighing...
Bobby: "You can't not try."

Story of all of our lives
right? We can't just "not try". So we try at most everything we do each day (laundry, cooking, time managment, support raising, being a good friend). I am starting to relax just a little with the process of "trying". I have to remind myself that writing should be done because it's fun and I feel called to it. I should do it because it's inside me and not because I am performance anxietying my way through it.

In other news, Bobby is missing his drums these days! He got a mandolin and a recorder to quench the thirst to play. He also has a harmonica and every time "Fool in the Rain" comes on he wales on it. I'm very proud of any and all of his musical escapades. I clap and yell "Hercules! Hercules" when he learns a new song. (Sorry for The Nutty Professor reference. That movie actually made me cry.)

We are at 84% towards getting to full support! Praise God for his constant provision. Wanted to let you all know. Thanks for the prayers you've sent up. We feel them.

Friday, January 22, 2010

K Loving it!

Bobby's b-day is coming up!! Last year we went to Sears wearing weird clothes and had fake engagement photos taken. We practiced in the car before and Bobby taught me to smile as awkwardly as possible. It was glorious. Can anyone help me top that?

Warning: This is going to be my most KLOVE ish post to date. (KLOVE is a Christian radio station that leans on the cheesy side, but I listen to it almost all the time. It's not Bobby's favorite however. It's slogan is "postitive, encouraging, KLove!" sung in a little jingle. So anytime we go somewhere in my car Bobby can't wait to change the station and sing "negative, discouraging, Other stations!" to the same tune.

I am usually intense and introspective, but I try to limit that to my time with the Lord. But, I also want to be vulnerable to some degree and since you know about my recent brush with the law I'm feeling a little more bold in what I'll share.

So we've focused on building our team of minisitry partners since August. We've watched God abundantly provide us with support and prayer partners. Today, however, I had a moment when I just felt weary and tired. Then I heard this song that Jesus plays for me when I'm having a blind moment in regards to his purpose and it made me want to curl up in a comfy chair and sip Chick fil A coffee and rest in Christ. (Which lucky for me the office has a comfy arm chair and chick fil A(spelling here?) is giving away free coffee all week). So I leaned back into the chair and let Christ have whatever burdens I commonly carry around. Here are a few stanzas:
oh gently lay your head upon my chest
and I will comfort you like a mother while you rest
the tide can change so fast, but I will stay
the same through past, the same in future, same today

I am constant; I am near
I am peace that shatters all your secret fears
I am holy; I am wise
I'm the only one who knows your heart's desires
your heart's desires

oh weary, tired and worn, let out your sighs
and drop that heavy load you hold 'cause Mine is light
I know you through and through; there's no need to hide
I want to show you love that is deep and high and wide

It's by Jill Phillips. God played it once when I had a migraine in the middle of Daytona Beach Summer Project and I felt so lonely and frustrated. I heard the song and it reminded me that God is constant. God is constant. He will never change and his emotions arn't based on my performance! My headache didn't go away, but I let God into my situation and it changed my response. I love when God meets us right where we are. I want to believe that I shouldn't hide anything from my Savior. His peace really does shatter secret fears (fear of failure or rejection).

I was an English Major. Words minister to me more than anything else. For some people it's nature. I personally can go outside and be out for hours without even looking up at the sky. However, I do see God through words. I actually fell in love with him that way. In middle school I wrote letters to Jesus. I dished about everything I'd experienced during the day. (Y'all know the drama of middle school- frizzy hair plus braces plus lack of athleticism makes for an awkward couple of years... no need for elaboration here :)) And God met me. I felt him delight in the words I wrote and cry with me or laugh with me (and also probably at me sometimes. Ex: I flipped out about wanting to find my husband at the age of 13. My parents dated when they were that age so I blame them for my unrealistic expectations here! ) Anyway, God's grace covered all things (even the silly ones) and I felt God's intense concern and care for me at that age. I trusted him.

I've met my intensity quota for the day. Bobby will be relieved :)! Now that you all know my passion for words you can also be comforted by the fact that I regularly stalk your blogs to learn all I can from your words. Lindsey... thanks for the encouragment to keep updating.

Check out this video if you haven't seen it. I think that Handerson's okay (little Hatian boy from the TLC Barefoot school... keep praying for the others though.) This gave me so much hope. I love the way this little boy is so joyful to be alive!!! I LOVE it!

Bobby should update next time. He loves to share about middle school drama and looking for his wife in the 7th grade! kidding.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dag Gum.

Today I (Jenna) exercised for the first time this week. It is my New Years resolution to do so at least three times a week. My highest record is twice a week since January began. I'm happy with that though. My second resolution is to not put so much dag gum pressure on every part of my life. So I'm learning to just be pleased with how it happens each week and not worry about the space between reality and perfection. (By the way, the usage of the word "dag gum" is in honor of my sweet Bobby. He uses it many many times a day and "dag gummit" is for when he is super stressed).

I thought "dag gummit" today because I unfortunately sustained an unsightly citation for operation of a motor vehicle at a higher velocity than required by the state of North Carolina. I got a ticket. It was the worst. I sped up to get around a truck that was backing into the middle of the road and then I didn't decelerate as soon as I should have. So I had to just admit the fact that I was speeding. The cop pulled me over in front of our office (mortifying let me just say) and listened to my explanation as my hands shook while getting my license out. I really should start watching more of those cop shows on tv. Then I wouldn't have been so shaken up. The cop wasn't mean at all, just stern. I called Bobby when he went to write a citation and sobbed my face off. His words: "It's okay. Get it together for me. Don't cry when he comes back. Do you want me to come out there?" My response: "No!!! Don't do that. I can handle it. I'll call you to come outside when he leaves." When the cop drove away I got out my cell phone to call Bobby when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted him. He had gone outside the backdoor of the office and was hidden behind the building to watch the cop hand me the ticket. He was watching to make sure I was okay. I was. It's just one of those things that happens when you least expect it... and usually when you are speeding.

Tonight we had pork chops with our basketball. I've changed so much in marriage. I just sincerely prayed that NC State could hang on and beat Duke. I meant it too.

I am off to a babysitting job in the morning. Ten babies, two babysitters (including me), bring it!

Ticket or not- we are so very blessed.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sitting in the Waiting Room

We are watching Clemson play the rambling wreck of Georgia Tech. That's what Bobby's been singing at least for the past few days. It's a close game and Bobby just screamed "boom shacalaca" and air pumped his fist. I am wearing my "J" apron over my white long sleeve tee and just made easy peasy spaghetti. One of my specialties. This is what I always imagined married life to be like. Spaghetti and Basketball. I love it. (Bobby just threw his hat just so you are aware- the game is getting heated).

My friend Ashley B. came for a visit on Sunday. It was glorious. We laughed so hard that my stomach hurt and I had to run to the sink during dinner to spit my drink out. The best part is neither of us had any idea why we were laughing. Bobby just watched the whole thing play out,

What I didn't expect in married life happened today. It centered around the trek to the Social Security office in North Raleigh where we journeyed to change my name on my card. It takes forever to do that kind of thing. We got there after driving thirty minutes from the office and realized we'd forgotten (like morons :)) our marriage license. Bobby had to drive a full thirty minutes back to Apex and then back to Raleigh. That was fine though because he left me to fend for myself in the line. (#373 in the general line). It was crazy town in there because so many people were hot, ticked off and disliking the wait.

I heard a
sermon recently where the pastor was talking about "waiting" and one of the things that makes it bearable is knowing that everyone waiting with you is equally perturbed. I watched that unfold. One woman waiting to be seen took it upon herself to patrol the crowd for any person using a cell phone because the signs clearly said "NO CELL PHONES". It totally cracked me up. She didn't work for the government. She just wanted to focus her energy I guess. I looked at all the different faces and unsaid stories in that little room and actually thought about how amazing God is as our creator. Not one person in there looked alike and yet everyone was equal in that room. Each person deserved the same attention and got it... even if it took a little longer than average.

It also made me think about the chaos in Haiti right now. All of my parent's friends at the TLC Barefoot school in Port Au Prince survived. I know God spared them for his glory and for his purpose. There is still a search for Handerson (a little boy they support- he is PRECIOUS). They think he and his family may have fled the city to the countryside for safety. Please pray for him and for the people surviving the pain of the quake. I can't imagine what they must be going through. All of that put a measly hour and a half of waiting today in complete perspective.

Those are ramblings from me!
Clemson just lost by two. Bummer man. I hate it when that happens. They fought so hard. But all in all they beat UNC and State in one week so they must have been tired... right? Bobby was very sweet about the UNC loss by the way. He didn't rub it in even once. He didn't even talk about the refs wearing "baby blue underwear". I'm guessing he knew they were burnt orange all along. kidding.

We are continuing to labor with all of God's energy on building our support team. Please pray that we would be able to finish strong. We need 20% more to be Dones-ville. (I've said Crazy Town and Donesville in this post. That is so Lames-burg) Thanks for your prayers as usual. I'm working on sprucing up the old blog.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My God is a Giver.

So our friend Kristin inspired me today to update the blog. I love to write so it's weird that I don't share more here. The weather outside is frightful and because of that I am listening to you guessed it... Christmas music. Bobby is firmly against celebrating before Thanksgiving hits, but I can't help it. I listen to Pandora radio when I'm in the office because it's free and you can literally listen to anything you want. I typed in Christmas music first and got this new age junk by techno musicians and so then I typed in "Classic Holiday Music" and Bing Crosby sounded through my ear phones. That's more like it!! Christmas makes winter more bearable. As does engagements. Bobby and I were engaged last December and two dear friends from college are recently betrothed (Laura Fletcher to John Stevenson and Elizabeth Cherry to Graham Alexander). Their married names will sound so distinguished. I know they will be beautiful brides.

Big news on the street:- God knows what we need and he provides for us.
I know this shouldn't be such a shocker to me considering that he has given us everything we need for life and godliness since day 1, but a blessing on Sunday hammered it home. We took Bobby's 96 Explorer out to Colorado this summer where I joined staff. We drove (and drived and drove and drived) all the way out there and all the way back and got home to Apex on a Saturday night. Sunday we purposed to go to the grocery store and only there. We got in the car and cranked her up and she gave out completely. Wouldn't even start for us. We actually died laughing, because we knew how much the car had been through in the cross country jaunt. We prayed for it to get us home from Colorado, not for it to get us to the store. So we counted our blessings that we weren't stuck in middle of nowhere, Kansas. The following weeks were filled with many trips to Apex Auto (honest, dependable service) and we just couldn't afford to keep fixing it. So we sold it. And we were down to one car between the two of us. We would get another one when we could afford to make payments (ie when we were done with support). Then the unexpected happened...
A couple on our team called and said they'd found a really great deal on a car and wanted to bless us with it! They gave us a car! I couldn't believe it. My response before the Lord was just to cry and be amazed. Bobby had more composure as usual, but was equally floored by God's generosity and these friends love for us. They met a real need we had and God got so much glory from it. I'll post a pic once it gets here on Sunday. (Bobby's parents are driving it to Winston and we'll go pick it up then).

So thanks Forresters and most importantly Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

And.... Merry Christmas from Bing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Much Needed Update

As you all can tell, Jenna and I don't update our Blog nearly that's what I'm doing now.

Here's what's new:

We've gotten to share with Jenna's home church, we've gone to ATL to work on support and also go to a Support-raising Follow-Up conference. I know you all think "CCC" stands from "Campus Crusade for Christ", but I'm starting to think it's "Conferences, Crusades, and Christ"...jk

We've seen God do big things in the last month. We've reached 62% of our goal and here are our goals for the rest of our support raising:

Goal 1: reach 60% by Nov. 1, 2009. GOAL MET!!

Goal 2: reach 75% by Dec. 1, 2009. IN THE PROCESS!!

Goal 3: reach 90% by January 1, 2009.

Goal 4: reach 100% by January 31st, 2009.

Please be praying that these goals would be met and that God would raise up the rest of our support soon! We're encouraged and we're working hard!

We will be working on support in Pinehurst, Raleigh, up in Virginia, and in Clemson in the weeks to come...

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

PS: Clemson beat Miami in overtime...